1. Sign up using your email address

After signing up, you should get a confirmation email containing the password of your company-account. Use the credentials to log in to the portal.


2. Choose your monthly plan

The fees will be collected automatically from your credit card or paypal account.


3. Log in to web portal

Log in to our Unified Communication web portal. Use the email addresses of your colleagues to create sub-user accounts.


4. Download mobile apps

Have your team download our Unified Communication mobile apps. They can simply log in using their email addresses or you as admin can send them a provisioning code via SMS directly from the portal.


5. Start calling among sub-users

Now you can start calling among sub-users – there is no need to configure anything else. Using our mobile apps, you can see all sub-users within your company in the Company Contacts tab. Tap on any contact to see his/her presence status, to start a chat session or to trigger an audio/video call.


6. Call mobile and landlines

You can call mobile and landlines at our special rates with outstanding voice quality.

Now, you may want to configure other options:


  1. As an admin-user (company-account) go to the PBX/Auto attendants menu and create a new one. You might want to record a greeting message which will be played when someone calls your company. To direct your clients to the right department, you can create mappings, i.e. associations between keyed numbers and the action that should be triggered. For example, record a greeting “Welcome to company X, press 1 to connect to sales, 2 to connect to support, 3 to connect to the reception” then create mappings for 1 to go to an employee responsible for sales or to a group of employees (Hunt group). Similarly for 2 and 3. There are also many other options. Click here to learn more
  2. To assign the auto-attendant to a phone number, go to the PBX/Dialing plan menu. You should see there the phone number that got assigned to your account during sign up. Select the number and choose the auto-attendant name from the list. Now when someone calls that number your scenario will be played. You can add more phone numbers and create other auto-attendant scenarios. In addition you can use time spans to define different scenarios for each day of the week and/or time of the day.

Virtual phone numbers for users:

  1. For calling among sub-users you do not need virtual numbers. You may however want to order for them additional phone numbers so they can receive external inbound calls.
  2. Go to the PBX/Dialing plan menu to add a new virtual number. After placing the order and receiving the number you can immediately start using it. In the PBX/Dialing plan, the number will be assigned to your account. You can reassign the number to any other sub-user. Click here to learn more

Configuring hardware VoIP phones (ATAs):

  1. At the moment, supports automatic provisioning for the following devices:
    • Yealink models
    • Polycom
  2. If you want to configure a device with your account, just get its MAC address and put it in your profile menu in the portal. Restart your device and start making and receiving calls. Click here to learn more

Click here to learn how to configure other available features