Keyboard and Mouse

through phone,

on your website & online channels


The bot is ready to help you manage your bookings regardless of the size of your business. Our offer starts from a one person plan.Try the free demo and we are sure you will like it.

Your own conversational bot

for accepting bookings

Call one of these numbers to test

UK +44 1226667700

US +17 182234237



Get your own UK or US phone number from the chosen area. The bot will answer all the calls, on multiple lines at the same time. No one will have to wait to schedule an appointment. The bot understands natural language and guides the caller through the booking process.


Add a web chat widget to your website or create a link that will open your bot directly  e.g.
The widget look can be fully customized 
You can modify not only its colors but also the shapes and sizes of its components (using css). 

Facebook and
Google Business

Let your customers book directly when they find you on the Google maps or in the Google search results.

The link can also be associated with the add booking button on your Facebook page. 

Business and

client management

In the Admin portal you can see your calendar with bookings and all associated details. You can change the bookings, remove them or add new ones manually. 

In addition you can manage the contacts, notifications and see reports. 


24/7 multichannel availability

Keep your booking channels open 24/7 and let your clients book their appointments via multiple channels like your phone,  website,  Facebook, Instagram or Google Business Profile



Send reminders before scheduled appointments. The bot makes calls or sends SMSs or emails to confirm upcoming meetings. A customer can confirm or cancel.  Also a customer can manage her booking by calling the phone number or starting the chat. The bot will present the upcoming reservations if any.


Customer information

The bot collects client information like caller Id (phone number of the calling person) and asks for the caller name. In the chat version you can define what kind of details are required - like email, phone number, name.Next time when a customer calls or connects on chat the bot will recognize her.


and staff

Define offered services e.g. haircut or online language course. Add its description, pictures and price. Assign the resources that are used by each service if a service can be booked multiple times at the same time. 

You can also allow customers to choose a particular person from those assigned to the selected service.


Reports and detailed history

Check the history of all calls and chats with the bot along with their transcriptions and details on the caller or website visitor.

The reports will let you see the trends in a glance.



Calling in and out

Sending SMS to a contact or group of contacts

Booking reminders with option to confirm

Calendar features

Returning customers


Chat features



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