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Calling in and out

Phone numbers from UK and US
With a plan you get one leading phone number from the UK or US depending on which country you have chosen during registration. The number is answered by your bot. If you need more numbers, for example from different areas or different countries you can buy them at any moment. In case if you need a number from county other than UK or US please contact us.

Welcome menu
You can add a welcome menu that will let the caller choose whether to go straight to the booking process or connect with the receptionist group which is a predefined group (queue).

Call recording
Calls with the receptionist are being recorded. The recordings can be listened to from the portal.

Customer’s callback request
While in a chat session a customer can request to be called back. The bot asks for phone number (if not yet provided) and optionally a time to call back

Making call to a contact (scheduled call)
From the portal you can see all the contacts. You can click on one and initiate a call between it and any other phone number e.g. yours or your colleague’s. The system will call the contact and when connected it will play a predefined message while calling the second number. Moreover you can define the date and time for the call.

Unlimited phone lines
There is no limit in the number of incoming calls. You have one phone number but at the same time multiple customers can be connected to your bot or to your or your colleagues from the answering group.

Call queues
You can create call answering groups and assign certain users from your company to them. When a customer requests a call with an operator the system will ring to all of them until the call is answered, then it processes the next call from the waiting queue. 

Connect to operator option (phone call)
During a call or chat with the bot a customer can at any moment request to be connected to operator

Call details
All calls are shown in the History menu in the portal along with the caller details and the transcription of the conversation with the bot.

You can record your own greetings for the welcome menu, on hold, waiting in the queue and some other actions.

Text to speech
 Instead of recording the greetings  you can just type your own texts and the bot will convert them to speech. 

Leave a voice message option
A customer can choose an option to leave a message which is then available in the call list in the portal


Sending SMS to a contact or group of contacts

From the portal/contacts menu you can select one or more contacts and send them an SMS.


Booking reminders with option to confirm

If a customer’s phone number is available, the bot will make a call to confirm the booking. A customer is asked if she confirms or cancels. If phone number is not available - e.g. when a booking came from a chat and you do not require a phone number to be provided, then the bot sends an email with reminder and optional link to cancel.


Returning customers

The bot recognizes the returning customers by caller ID (for phone calls) or by session cookie (for chats). Returning customers do not have to provide any details as their contact profile is already stored.  The bot informs a returning customer of her  upcoming bookings and gives an option to make a new booking or manage the existing ones. For the latter a customer can either cancel or confirm the booking


Chat features

  • Detailed chat session history

  • Visitor details

  • Nearest dates widget 

  • Calendar widget

  • Speech to text and text to speech option

  • Mobile version specially designed to cover the full screen

  • Direct link with own subdomain e.g.

  • Chat widget to add to  your website

  • Fully customizable look 


Calendar features


A customer can select a service, e.g. haircut, head shave etc. To each service you can add up to 5 pictures, a description and optionally price or price range . 

Each service can have a different duration.

Resources (calendars)
The resources determine how many bookings you can accept for a particular service at the same time. For example the resources can represent chairs in a barber shop. If you have 3 chairs it means you can have three different bookings at the same time slot.

You can assign employees to a service. The same persons can handle multiple services. A customer can select a person while making a phone or chat reservation.



  • Direct URL e.g. which you can send via email to your customers

  • QR code containing the direct URL - to print on your marketing materials

  • Web widget on your page

  • Google Messenger - coming soon

  • Google My Business booking link - add the Appointments option to your Google search results and Google Map

  • Facebook Messenger - coming soon



Detailed list of all calls and chat sessions.